Imperial College London ACM Student Chapter

Through all the events you will get to know the other postgraduate students in the department and their research interests. You can find students working on similar problems, with similar interests. You can find future collaborators, discuss ideas and get feedback. In addition, activities of the student chapter provide opportunities to meet distinguished computing professionals and grow your professional network. You will broaden your knowledge by taking part in lectures and discussions from different computer science fields.


Purely student-run events for research students from all over the world to share and discuss their research in computer science. The workshop is unique in that submitting authors get the experience of reviewing other students’ papers, providing them with a foretaste of being in the program committee of a conference. It is a great opportunity to learn about everything that is involved in the organization of a conference.

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Explaining your research in a simple and understandable way is a professional necessity and the seminars series are unique venue for students to practice these skills. The only constraint on the topic of a talk is that it is of interest to other research students. This means that a talk does not have to be about the speaker’s research project, but could be work done during free time or other academic activities.

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The kinds of activities a student chapter can undertake are diverse and it is up to all of us, the chapter members, to decide and organise activities that are useful and interesting. If you have an idea - for a competition, a tutorial, a side tour, or something else - raise your voice. The Chapter also has a small budget and might be able to sponsor the event. You can find more information and inspiration for chapter activities here.

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Thanks to Association for Computing Machinery to support this student chapter.

Thanks to the generous sponsor, Microsoft, who allows this student chapter to provide seminars, events and workshops for passionate students who want to make a difference to computer science.