The ACM Student Chapter uses different resources to share files, get in contact with each other, and organize tasks. In order to become a part of the organizing committee you need to have access to these sources and understand how to use them.

Below you will find short guides on specific services that we use.

We will add your Gmail (or Imperial) email to our shared Google Drive folder. We use Google Drive to store Student Chapter (and ICCSW) related documents and templates. This has the advantage of being able to work on documents together as well as to reuse documents in the future. Thus, if you create any documents or templates, please drop them in Google Drive for future use by other people.

The URLs for the folders are

Good practice: Have as many small meetings with people you are sharing tasks with as possible. For example, go for a coffee or for lunch to update each other about your progress and to make decisions.

There are also monthly meetings for the whole ACM Student Chapter organizing committee to update everyone about the current activities of the Chapter.

Meeting dates are usually organised using Doodle

We store some files on CSG’s NFS infrastructure.

We will contact CSG for you to add your login to the acm group to have access to /vol/acm/ This shared drive is mainly used to store photos of Student Chapter events.

Accessing under Windows

You need to be in the college network or using the VPN for this to work. In the “run window” (windows key + R) type \\\acm. You will be asked for login credentials, use WIN\<your username> for the username (e.g. if your username is foo23 then you would use WIN\foo23) and your normal DoC password.

Accessing under Linux

If you are using CSG Linux install then simply run in a terminal

$ cd /vol/acm/

This will trigger an automatic mounting of the filesystem if it isn’t already mounted.

If you are not using a CSG Linux install then many file managers support browsing Samba shares. Note you need to be in the college network for this to work.

Dolphin (KDE)

In the file path text box type


press enter. You will be prompted for login details. For username use WIN\<your username> (e.g. if your username is foo23 the you would use WIN\foo23) and your normal DoC password.

Nautilus (GNOME)



  • ACM Digest Weekly newsletter about the ACM Student Chapter: Under Development

  • Facebook All events will be on this facebook group. We also want to use this to create discussion & dialogue between students. Thus, if you know of any interesting hot topic, just ask a provocative question to start the discussion.

Other social networks

These accounts are registered but currently are not utilised much.