May 30th, 2014, 3:00 pm in Huxley 345

LAN Part... err, Networking Tutorial

Imperial College London ACM Student Chapter is organizing a networking tutorial. The goal is simple, we will meet in the afternoon on a selected date and we are going to build our own local network, using only the equipment that each one of us will bring. Then, we will thoroughly test the network using a series of carefully benchmarks. There might some refreshments as well (e.g. Red Bull, pizza).

All attendees will be required to bring their own machines for the event with the benchmarks preinstalled. The benchmarks used will be Counter-Strike: Source, and if time permits also Quake III Arena. Both of these benchmarks are available through Steam on all major platforms. However, you are welcome to use other distribution methods as well.

Please note that the network is going to be able cable only, so you need to have either an Ethernet port or an external Ethernet card.

Places are limited, and if you want to take a part, you have to sign up for a ticket.