Dec 9th, 2015, 2:00 pm in Royal School of Mines G08

Hour of Code 2015

We are very glad to present the ACM Imperial Chapter Hour of Code 2015 event! The Hour of Code is an international event organised by the mothership ACM to promote Computer Science public education. Join several millions of students coding simultaneously all over the planet! (Each one on a separate computer)

In the Hour of Code you will get the chance to try out some programming with the help of expert, all-knowing computer science PhD students. We suggest you to try a slick, powerful language called Python,that is used by many top-notch companies like Youtube and Dropbox. The tutorials will be adequate to any level from code-phobic to intermediate. The duration of the event is, against all odds, sixty minutes.

Also, the Hour of Code, or as we call it, the Moment of Joy, will be followed by copious amounts of free pizza! This is so that you recover from the rewarding mental and physical effort that is writing a computer program. The rules for the obtainment of free pizza are simple: No Python, no pizza. Python, pizza. Or, in Python:

if you.going(HourOfCode):

The event runs from 1400 to 1500.

Hour of Code Poster