Oct 25th, 2013, 3:00 pm in William Penny 212

Type Me If You Can

I will take you on an evolution journey of computing most precious concepts–data types and will present you a vision for the future–session types. Types has served us well in the computation era. In the talk, we would examine what is their role in the current era of communication, concurrency and distribution. What does it mean for two different programs, executed in different environments, to be type safe. We will look at how session types can change the landscape of programming practices and tools and how they can be used to prevent deadlocks and to reduce the cost of producing software, while increasing its reliability. Fasten your research belts, pack your bags of questions and get ready to look into the future of distributed programming.

Rumyana Neykova is a second year PhD student at Imperial College London, under the supervision of Prof. Nobuko Yoshida. She holds a bachelor in Computer Science from University of Sofia (2009), Bulgaria and a Master in Software engineering from Imperial College London (2011). Her research interests are in the area of distributed systems and networks, as well as type systems and language design. Her Ph.D focuses on exploring the use of a distributed types theory (called session types) for runtime verification of concurrent and distributed systems. Email to me→