May 23rd, 2014, 3:00 pm in Huxley 217

CMake - Get your build on!

Building C/C++ code is probably a frequent occurrence for many in the department. But how many know how to write a good build system for their C/C++ project? In this tutorial I will introduce you to CMake which is a cross platform meta build system that will read a description of your project and generate a build system from that. Notable supported outputs include make files, Eclipse projects, XCode projects, Visual studio projects and ninja files (hell yeah!). In this tutorial I will show you how to write a build system for your project that includes handling external libraries, generating documentation (doxygen), unit testing (GoogleTest framework) and more. I will try to do this as an interactive tutorial so feel free to bring your laptop and follow along.

Daniel Liew is a second year PhD student in the Software Reliability Group, Imperial College London. Daniel's research interests include software verification using symbolic execution and static analysis. He received an MSc in Computing from Imperial College during which he contributed to the KLEE project. Prior to this he studied Physics at the University of Bristol which included an industrial placement with Sharp laboratories of Europe. Daniel’s PhD studies are generously funded by the EPSRC industrial case studentship with ARM. Email to me→