Nov 17th, 2014, 1:00 pm in Huxley 145

Decisal: an Imperial College spin-off that saves airlines millions every year

Decisal is a company that sprung-out of Imperial College London when PhD students invented several novel algorithms for airline planning and scheduling optimization. These algorithms are now helping airlines improve their operations and as a result save millions every year. Before Decisal’s algorithms, airlines in order to reduce complexity were forced to separate fleet and network planning, as well as fleet, aircraft, and crew scheduling. However, all these processes are interdependent and such separation was unable to capture their mutual interaction and contribution to profitability. Decisal’s novel algorithms now provide airlines with Unified Optimization where all planning and scheduling steps are tackled simultaneously, accounting for these interactions and resulting in an overall profit maximization.

Nikos Papadakos Dr Nikos (Nikolaos) Papadakos is the research and development director of Decisal. Prior to that he worked as a research associate at Imperial College London where he also received a PhD in operations research and an MSc in advanced computing. He also holds a BSc in mathematics from the University of Athens. Finally, his work experience includes the Bank of Attica and Biomex Epe, in software development, sales, and customer support.