Mar 7th, 2014, 3:00 pm in Huxley 345

Document Recovery

Imagine that you had been working on a document using your favourite application, but one day something happened to the file and you cannot open it anymore: every time you try to open the document, the application crashes or does not load the file. You would like to have your document back because it has some important data in it and you would not like to sacrifice much of the document contents in order to make it work again.

In this seminar I will talk about: the reasons why documents can cause incorrect operation of software, symbolic execution techniques that can be used to tackle this problem and my research project which is about a document recovery approach that is independent of the input format.

Tomasz Kuchta is a second year PhD student in the Software Reliability Group, Imperial College London, supervised by Dr Cristian Cadar. In his PhD research he works on a document recovery technique. He received a Master degree in Computer Science from Cracow University of Technology and after studies he was working as a software engineer in telecommunications industry. Email to me→