Feb 7th, 2014, 3:00 pm in Huxley 345

Domain-specific languages: the key to computational efficiency and programmer productivity

A rule of thumb in computing says that generality and efficiency are conflicting goals when designing a system. In a similar way, a high-level system is generally regarded as less efficient than a low-level system. In this talk I will show that this is not necessarily the case and how domain-specific languages can be used as a building block in efficient yet high-level computational frameworks. Not only do they provide the key to computational efficiency, but also to programmer productivity and more maintainable codes.

Florian Rathgeber is a final year PhD student in the Software Performance Optimisation Group at Imperial College London. His primary research interests are domain-specific languages and compilers to translate mathematical models into low level code. His work is mostly concerned with delivering high-level tools in the hands of scientists, allowing them to work productively and run simulations efficiently on a range of modern multi- and many-core hardware platforms. He used to run the Graduate Students' Union (GSU) as vice president and the Linux Users' Group ICLUG. In his spare time he is a keen photographer and enjoys travelling and the outdoors. At night he looks after 125 undergraduates as a hall warden.