May 2nd, 2014, 3:00 pm in Huxley 145

Webpage 101

This tutorial will assume attendees with absolutely no experience in HTML, and is going to be an interactive hands-on session (please bring a computer to try things out), covering the following main topics:

  • How to read and write HTML
  • Using CSS to style up HTML pages
  • Markdown - a text-to-HTML conversion tool
  • Tools and tips on creating accessible HTML pages

You are also welcome to suggest topics of interest to you (and most of the audiences), for example, we might briefly discuss:

  • Scripting for the web
  • Content Management Systems (such as WordPress)
  • Static site generators

Nicholas Ng is a final year PhD student working on applying the theory of Session Types to guaranteeing safety and correctness of communication aspects of parallel programming. Previously he was the student representative for Faculty of Engineering in the Graduate Students' Union and a PhD student rep for the Department of Computing. He enjoys free food and spending time with computers. He is a Facebook addict