Dec 8th, 2014, 1:00 pm in Huxley 145

Meanwhile: How difficult is it to bring your favorite place live to your computer screen? The story of our tech startup.

It’s true we restless people often come up with exciting ideas. And it’s true we like to imagine them rolling out to be successful businesses. But what is it like when you get an idea like that and try to make it part of the real world, part of your life?

Our story is the story of four postgraduates trying to put together a tech startup under several constraints. Our talk will guide you through our business narrative, some technical challenges we had to confront, as well as the main lessons we learned through this whole exciting process.

Zafeirios Fountas I am a Greek mathematician/computer scientist, highly interested in biologically inspired artificial intelligence and robotics. Currently, I am pursuing a PhD at the Department of Computing of Imperial College London, under the supervision of Prof. Murray Shanahan. My work focuses on biological action selection and applications of cognitive and computational neuroscience research in real embodied systems such as neuromorphic robots. Email to me→

Filipe Peliz Pinto Teixeira is a PhD student in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London working on spiking neural networks and their applications within the fields of artificial intelligence and neuroscience. In his research he focuses on how chaos may optimize information flow and storage within neural systems. Filipe has a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Johannesburg in South Africa and an MSc in Artificial Intelligence from Imperial College London. In his spare time he can often be found running around with an over sized camera or attempting to reach a comatose state in front of his precious computer. Email to me→